Colonies in Revolt
The story of the turbulent years leading to Lexington Green, Concord Bridge, and "the  shot heard round the world.”
From Chapter 1 “Under the Lion’s Paw”:
    “Many in the crowd on the Boston street were boys not yet in their teens. They shouted, cursed, and pitched rocks and snowballs against the house of the man accused of informing for the hated British customs service. Windows shattered, rocks splintered walls and furniture. Then a musket barrel flamed from a window, and the crowd fell back in panic as the sound of a gunshot echoed down the street. A hush fell. At the window Ebenezer Richardson stood with a smoking gun in his hands.  The crowd moved back in, circling a slender form lying still in the snow and slush. On the morning of February 22, 1770, eleven-year-old Christopher Seider had become one of the first victims in a conflict that would grow into the American Revolution.”

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