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Fiction for young adults
from Holiday House

Andy's life with his family has become intolerable.
The woods beckon, promising freedom. But will
his demons let him escape?

Recent novels by Alden Carter

A Novel in 15 Hilarious Stories

Join the boys of Argyle High football and the girls who attempt to civilize them--or at least make them presentable in mixed company. Oh, and there's
also a certain rugby-playing girl who can kick a football better than any boy. Can she rescue the team?

A New Addition
to Marshall-Cavendish Classics

Long out of print, Alden Carter's moving
novel is now available to a new
generation of young adult readers.  Available
in hardcover and ebook.

Adult Nonfiction

 Adventure and Spiritual Quest

A young man and his family in an age of
revolutionary change in China.

Memoir of a Forgotten Hero

The Civil War recollections of a young naval
 officer with few peers in the annals of courage.

China from the ancient
past to the Olympic Year

Bringing into focus the world's newest superpower.

Join the Eagle 8th


  The Civil War journal of a sergeant in the famed "Eagle Eighth," with extensive annotation by historian and novelist Alden R. Carter.

A Terrifying Memoir
for YA and Adult Readers



Favorites Still Available






The Battle of Gettysburg

The War of 1812

The Civil War

Spanish-American War

Colonies in Revolt

Darkest Hours

At the Forge of Liberty

Birth of the Republic


I'm Tougher Than Asthma

Big Brother Dustin

Dustin's Big School Day

Seeing Things My Way

Stretching Ourselves